Mother Blames Health Board For Newborn’s Brain Damage

medical negligence

Not only did Caerphilly Birthing Centre allegedly cause a newborn to be severely brain damaged, and now at the age of 7 unable to walk or talk, they were also the reason the mother suffered psychological injury and as a result had to put this same newborn up for adoption. Aneurin Bevan Local Health Board have now been taken to court for the damages inflicted upon both mother and daughter.

After giving birth, the mother, whose name remains concealed, believed her daughter to be dead as her arrival found her blue and lifeless with an umbilical cord wrapped tightly around her throat. This belief fused with the manner of her delivery caused her much trauma and distress at the time of birth, but also following it. One nurse is even reported to have been missing from the delivery for 20 minutes during the crucial late stages of labour.

medical negligenceThe claim argues that no one monitored the babies heart-beat properly or the mother’s temperature – both of which would have been signs to indicate complications in the birthing process. It has stated that experts should have been called in earlier, and that the newborn was deprived of a sufficient supply of oxygen which is what caused “fetal hypoxia”. Although post-birth the baby was taken for resuscitation immediately, she was unable to breath for a whole 35 minutes.

Consequently, the mould of her daughter’s life has been deformed. Her adopted mother stands in as a representative for her daughter, as both the blood-mother and daughter claim for compensation.

The 7 year-old has now been forced to live a passive life, immobile and unable to speak or communicate with others. She has been stripped of her humanity and is unable to live independently. She also shows signs of severe epilepsy, severe cortical visual impairment, double incontinence and major learning difficulties.  Her disability is at the most extreme end of that which can be seen in childhood cerebral palsy.

The mother has suffered severe post traumatic stress disorder due to the manner of birth and subsequent health of her daughter. She attempted to care for her baby for up to seven months, however as she struggled to cope she decided the best thing for her daughter would be adoption. Both sides are claiming for a total of £300,000 in compensation.

Melissa from MLS says “medical negligence can cause crippling injuries. Doctors and nurses have a life at the end of their fingertips, and although it may be accidental, their failure of correct conduct can be life-altering. In this case, it is clear that the correct procedures were not followed, and no matter the reasoning behind it, those affected deserve compensation, although it will never make up for what they have lost.”

If you have suffered from medical negligence, get in touch with us now. We want to hear your stories.


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