Hospital Investigated For Wrong Prescriptions, Forged Records And Drunk Staff

medical negligence

Neglect and injury is not what we expect our bandages to be dressed with when visiting a hospital. However, at the Princess of Wales Hospital, complaints have led to ten nurses being suspended, following a previous arrest of three nurses for altering medical notes with misleading motives.

Police are now investigating the establishment after whistleblowing gave way to allegations of lacking motivation, education and qualification among staff. Three qualities that should be interwoven into all duties within health treatment.

Claims have lead to suspicions of forged medical records, which centre around the involvement of 10 nurses, wrong prescriptions, and also inebriation during duty. The medical records were said to have been changed in order to cover up for the mistakes of wrongly medicating patients.

This same whistleblower stated that these types of cover-ups have been under the surface of the department for years. Police have been in contact with over 40 families who issued complaints in order to get to the foundation of misconduct. Nurses, doctors and management are believed to have behaved in such a way that they have endangered the lives of those in their care, all because of “incompetence and deceit”.

medical negligenceOne family who are disgusted with the treatment at the hospital are the relations of Lillian Williams, an 82 year-old woman who died after reporting “appalling” neglect before her death in November 2012.

A report investigating the hospital has found that elderly patients were made to go to the toilet in their beds rather than receive incontinence care, and one daughter when visiting stated that the hygiene was “disgusting”, and that one nurse was visibly drunk whilst on duty.

As a service catered for approximately 160,000 people living in the local area in South Wales, scrutiny needs to be prominent.

Melissa from MLS says “how this treatment has been allowed to continue is baffling. The thought of an elderly person suffering with no one interested in taking care of them is extremely upsetting, and for families of patients must be enraging. It is also baffling how medical records have been allowed to be altered without anyone noticing, or merely choosing to turn a blind eye. Not only have the nurses failed, but management also at the hospital. Their reputation has been tarnished and following investigations, hopefully the corruption can be removed in order for them to rebuild their team and offer the esteemed service they are expected to provide.”


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