Is the Government Fighting a Non-Existent Enemy?

The Government has proposed to implement fixed fees for medical records, in an attempt to stop fake personal injury claims and extrapolate our “compensation culture”. The movement could be in place by October 2014, and if passed will have an extremely large impact upon the entire claiming world.

How? Because people will be less inclined to put in a claim if they have to pay for the proof. the proposed fees for GPs and physiotherapists are set at £180, with £420 for a report from a consultant orthopaedic surgeon, and the minimum amount for medical records would be £80.

governmentThe idea behind the notion is to cut RTA claims by only permitting accredited experts to carry out medical examinations, and with a new definition for whiplash stating that the main injury has to be a soft tissue injury, with a minor psychological injury in addition. This definition will be included in the RTA protocol – a response to the increase in psychological injury accident claims.

Although the Government is fighting against what they have labelled “compensation culture”, reports have actually shown the opposite – that many people entitled to claim personal injury compensation do not do so. The reasoning behind this was mainly because of perceived legal fees, despite the existence of No-Win-No-Fee services. In that respect, are the government in fact fighting against a non-existent enemy?

Melissa from MLS says “with new findings that 44% of those entitled to compensation do not claim, should the Government’s attention be focused elsewhere? Many suffer from a loss of income, additional costs following their injury and a change in lifestyle after an accident. This “compensation culture” they speak of is a theory rather than fact, and laws imposed should not hinder those who deserve compensation from claiming, which it will.”

If you need help with a personal injury claim, do not hesitate to contact a solicitor for legal advice!


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