Same-Sex Marriage Approved; Being Fired For Being Gay Withstands.

gay marriage

“Did I read that correctly?” Unfortunately, you did…

Pennsylvania has allowed same-sex marriage to be legalised, which is all fine and dandy in terms of appearing to promote equality. What they forget to mention, is that they are not going to push for banning the law against the right to fire someone because they are gay.

Tom Corbett, Governor of the state who is known for personally opposing same-sex marriage, stated that an appeal for legislation to prohibit discrimination in the work-place and housing based on sexual orientation and gender identity was unlikely to succeed, and therefore not worthy of an attempt.

Although those in same-sex relationships are extremely happy about the law passed that allows them the right to marry like every other person, they are still aware of the effects this could have when returning to work.

John Dawe, executive director of NEPA Rainbow Alliance, stated that people still “have a legitimate fear of being fired or evicted because they’re either gay or transgender.”

With that said, there were a number of couples who got married and now look forward to their future. They recognise that this step was monumental, and has made a start in the right direction towards promoting equality and basic human rights.

Melissa from MLS says: “The approval of same-sex marriage is contradicted by the fact Corbett won’t push to ban the law for firing someone because they are gay, or generally being discriminative. People should not have to fear being fired or not getting a house because of their choice in partner or lifestyle. However, it is a major success that the law for same-sex marriage has been passed”

Fortunately, the majority of countries do have laws in place that protect minorities from discrimination, and allow claims for compensation to be made if someone has been victimised. Contact us now if you have suffered from discrimination in the work-place!


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