Teen Found After Kidnapping And 10 Years Of Sexual Abuse

At just 15 years of age, a young girl was kidnapped by her mother’s partner, who had previously already begun sexually assaulting her. Her identity remains concealed, however she contacted the police and told them she had been drugged ten years prior at her home in Santa Ana, and transported to Los Angeles where she was locked in a garage. She found the courage to escape after contacting her sister via Facebook.

abuseIsidro Garcia, 41, was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of kidnapping, rape and false imprisonment.

During her ten years with him, Garcia mentally and physically abused her. She could not speak English, and was terrified about trying to escape because she was made to believe that if she went back to her family they would be deported (police have concluded that her family entered the US illegally).

She did attempt to escape twice whilst in captivity, however on both occasions she had been caught and beaten severely. Garcia often abused her physically and sexually, and in 2007 she was made to marry him. He later impregnated her and they had a child together in 2010.

The couple were known locally as Thomas and Laura. They moved on several occasions in order to avoid police detection, and their current neighbours state their shock as they remark on how normal and happy the family seemed, and how the couple doted after their child.

Melissa from MLS says: “This type of criminal injury can be extremely detrimental to the mentality of a victim – especially when taken and abused at such a young age, and over such a long period of time. If it had not been for contacting her sister, she may have never found the courage to flee her captor. At least now the law can seek justice, and Garcia will have to face the consequences of his actions with a life-time in prison.”

If you have suffered from sexual abuse, contact MLS now. We can help you gain the compensation you deserve, and see you on your way to start rebuilding your life!


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