X-Men Director Faces Sexual Abuse Claims

sexual abuseBryan Singer, the legendary director of the award-winning movie X-Men, had a sexual abuse claim brought against him last month along with three other Hollywood directors.

The claim stated that when Michael Egan was 17, he was abused whilst attemptin to get his foot in the door of the acting and modelling industry in L.A.

Singer in response, has filed a suit to dismiss these accusations as fraudulent and built on a lack of jurisdiction.

x-menThe abuse is said to have occurred in Hawaii, however Singer states that he was never in the state at the time the incident is meant to have taken place. He insists that he was in Canada for pre-production affairs. All those accused have denied the offences and deny being part of a Hollywood sex-abuse ring.

The allegations against Singer are rape, forced intoxication and threats that he would end Egan’s career if he did not keep them happy.

Following this, another claim has been brought against Singer by an anonymous Briton. He stated that he was sexually assaulted by Singer at an after-party in London for the 2006 film Superman.

Melissa from MLS says: “In recent news, many criminal injury claims of abuse have arisen with celebrities under the spotlight. If the accusations are true, it would certainly not be the first time the famous and the abused have been linked.”

Sexual abuse happens daily, and many victims are scared to come forward. If you or anyone you know has suffered from, or is suffering from abuse, contact the police immediately to bring justice upon the crime. Their sins should not be tolerated.

Solicitors like our team at MLS, are also here to help, and will fight your battle to gain the compensation you deserve.


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