Youth Violence On The Rise?

youth violence

Globally, youth crime is a constant pressure. Previous studies have shown this occurs particularly between the ages of 15-24, and particularly in males.

One recent example is Kevin McConville, a 19 year-old boy from Dundee. In one day, he assaulted two women by punching them in the face and knocking them onto the ground. Why? Because they witnessed him assaulting another man and tried to intervene. He then walked away with his friends.

Melissa from MLS says: “Social violence is a major issue. Amongst peers, males can feel the need to create a position of power, and seek violence as a way to impress.”

youth violenceJust last week, another 16 year-old boy was caught with abusive videos on his phone that filmed him attacking helpless animals. One video was named LOL (laugh out loud), where he kicked and attacked a cat, and in the other he held down a dog and repeatedly punched it in the face with “brutal force”. He then yanked it down so that he could kick and knee its body.

As a personal opinion, no one films anything unless they want someone else to see it, which veers towards a purposeful display of violence used as a way to “show off”.

He is reported to have seen this violence as a form of “entertainment”, which demonstrates how violent behaviour can be perceived as something positive and honourable to the youth and perpetrators.

New studies have also provided evidence that the number of teachers punched, kicked and bitten during class is extremely high, with 90 assaults being reported in the last year alone – some of these pupils were as young as four and five, and entire classes have had to be evacuated as a result.

Youth violence can be targeted at anyone, and much of the time it is not for any particular reason, other than violence for the sake of violence.

Criminal injury is a serious matter, and can stem from anything from a scuffle, to gun crime, rape and sexual assault. Compensation is awarded in many cases to the victims – we have personally won many CICA claims, and hope that all future victims receive the justice they deserve.


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