NHS Boss Fired For Complaints Hospital Is Locking Up Vulnerable Patients

When it comes to restraining people, the elderly and children are weakest in hierarchy. They do not have the brute strength to fight back, nor the means to raise awareness about their situation, especially when in hospital, and especially when they are being locked in a room!

nhsNHS boss David Ore, has claimed that guards at Dudley Hospital are being ordered to restrain elderly patients and children, for up to 12 hours at a time without food or drink. These patients, he stated, are being locked up for reasons such as complaining, or trying to walk around the ward – two basic human rights. They are shoved into rooms with “unreasonable” force, where the door is then held shut.

Allegedly, in May 2011 guards refused to restrain a child because they feared it was illegal as no risk was being posed. The child was described to have merely been very upset.

Another instance of illegally ordering a patient to be restrained was in 2012, when a 14 year-old girl was held for 72 hours against her will, despite the fact she was not violent or causing any threat.

After making his complaints and becoming a spokesperson for mistreated patients, Ore was suspended and then fired 5 months later. NHS Trust Chiefs state that his accusation was “unfounded”.

Ore was made redundant ahead of an employment tribunal even though he had been told that whistleblowers would be protected against the accused. He made a statement questioning, “If staff who raise concerns will not be penalised, why am I looking for another job?” His fears now escalate that he has been blacklisted and no longer eligible to work in the NHS.

As more claims have arisen prior to Ore’s complaints about restraints without just cause, West Midlands police are making a formal investigation into hospital affairs. They are also facing an investigation into high death rates. With the two combined, the conduct of the hospital staff is highly scrutinized and undoubtedly raising cause for concern.

Patients also continue to complain about being violently manhandled, despite Ore’s actions to try and stop this breach of human rights.

Melissa from MLS says: “Whistleblowers by law should be protected, and should not be made to feel uncomfortable or marginalised after making a complaint. It does seem that the hospital in question is guilty of misconduct as staff allegations and patient complaints combine, and with factual evidence of high death rates, medical negligence also becomes apparent. They should not be able to continue with these breaches of conduct, particularly in their treatment towards the vulnerable.”

If you have been victimised and unfairly dismissed, or suffered from medical negligence, contact MLS now for advice on a claim!


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