Political Party Faces Sex Claims – Yet Another Authority Abusing Power?

Sex claims

Party Leader, Basil McCrea

NI21, a new political party in Northern Ireland, faces up to nine allegations from employees for inappropriate sexual activity against Basil McCrea, its party leader.

The woman to go public with her allegations, Ashleigh Murray, is a former party worker who claims the inappropriate sexual behaviour towards her took place last year, but that she did not come forward sooner because she did not think that anyone would believe her.

When asked why she continued to work for the party after the incident occcured, she said she had needed the work because she had no qualifications.

She stated that she had questioned: “Who’s going to believe me… he is a respected politician with a lot of power behind him.”

McCrea has been forced to step aside whilst the investigations continue. The severity of the allegations remain unknown as McCrea stated upon his complaints: “At first reading of them, I can say that I deny them, so on that basis I’m not going any further on the description.” 

Melissa from MLS says: “It has become so common to hear about people in positions of power committing crimes like forcing unreciprocated sexual activity and abuse. As women can be perceived as the more vulnerable sex, some men take advantage of this and use their power and strength to put women in victimising positions. Anyone who has fallen victim to criminal injury like this, especially whilst in work, should inform the police and later a solicitor to help them gain the compensation they deserve.”


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