False Rape Claim By Law Student


Barrister-to-be Rhiannon Brooker, has denied 20 charges against her for attempting to pervert the course of justice.

She reportedly made a catalogue of charges against her former boyfriend, 46 year-old Paul Fensome, who was arrested and held for 30 days. However when the investigation was probed further, Brooker was arrested for making fraudulent accusations. When giving a prepared statement, she apologized after admitting the charges brought against Fensome were made up.

She had many injuries to accompany her initial claims, which had been seen by friends and doctors. However, the jury heard later that they had in fact been self-inflicted. Her original allegations included a total of 11 rapes, nine assaults and two false imprisonments.

Suggestions have been made that the reasoning behind her accusations was that she was trying to gain extenuating circumstances in order to help her pass her bar exam.

David Bartlett, prosecuting, said: “The prosecution says that one of the reasons for her false allegations was that she was living an active social life in Bristol and not doing the work required to pass the assessments, so she falsified the allegations in order to give substance to her extenuating circumstances forms.”

Criminal injury like rape is an extremely serious matter, and will not be taken lightly. If Brooker has made up these allegations to help her pass her bar exam, she will be facing severe penalties!


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