NHS Drug Delays Leave Patients Stranded


As Healthcare at Home fails to deliver medication to the NHS, thousands of patients become increasingly terrified as they lack prescriptions. Some of these patients include sufferers of cancer and HIV, where missing medication can lead to life-threatening circumstances.

The NHS helpline has been swamped by anxious patients, with many unable to get through because of the sheer amount of calls. One woman with a 10 year-old son who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, told of how they had two failed medication deliveries. The establishment’s failure has been described as “disgraceful” and “unsafe.”

Healthcare at Home have blamed their inefficiencies on I.T problems. Ruth Poole, clinical director, has stated that they are trying to rectify the issue as soon as possible and are paying no attention to costs, meaning they will do whatever is needed to find a solution.

Despite this, many people say the problem is worsening. There are many practical issues such as deliveries at 2 am, medication being sent to the wrong address, and cotton wool being used instead of needles. Nick Rijke, director of the Multiple Sclerosis Society has stated his condemnation of the establishment, saying that essential medicines need to reach those who need it, and that this has been going on for a long time now.

The General Pharmaceutical Council, which regulates pharmacists, recently inspected Healthcare at Home with inspectors from the Care Quality Commission. They found that a number of patients were missing medication, and as a result the customer service team were overwhelmed with calls. Many of the complaints were left unresolved and uncertain about when they would receive their medication. They have now been forced to increase their call centre staff by 60 percent.

Healthcare at Home has been subject to numerous fines over the last few months due to failed deliveries. This type of medical disaster can lead to numerous problems like prescription errors and in the worst scenario, death. Anyone who has been harmed due to these types of issues should contact us now for advice on a claim.

Michael Lewin


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