Studies On Male Violence Inadequate

violenceAn article by ‘Counting dead Women’, a charitable organisation that seeks to end violence against women and girls, highlights that studies on male violence are inadequate when attempting to make a change. This is because they do not show sufficient links between gender or outline different types of violence, but rather focus on domestic, nor do they make us empathize with women, because many are nameless. For example, statistics like “2 women are killed by domestic violence a week” presents unidentifiable victims, and ultimately we become detached from their cases. Many murders do not even make national headlines.

Their point, was that we need to move away from a fixed definition and the stereotypes of males and domestic violence, and look further towards a wider range of misogyny (the hatred of women), as males attempt to gain power and control over women in general. In the UK, domestic violence is defined as “violent or aggressive behaviour within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner.”

However there are numerous cases that stray away from this type of violence, such as incidents involving younger men who rape, strangle and beat older women. For example Andrew Flood, a taxi-driver who strangled and robbed two women over the age of 70, and Darren Martin, 26, who raped and strangled Irene Lawless, 68. In these instances, domestic violence does not even come into the cause of violence, but rather a need for domination. Another case is that of Ahmad Otak, who killed Samantha Sykes, 18, and Kimberly Frank, 17. He was not dating either of his victims, but had relations with the sister, Eliza Frank, whom he then tried to take to France.

violenceIn the first three days of January 2012, seven women were murdered in the UK. Some were connected to domestic violence, some were not, but overall three were shot, one was strangled, one was stabbed, one was beaten then smothered, and one was killed through fifteen blunt force trauma injuries. Counting dead Women has stated they want to see an end to men killing women.

To do this, they wish to see: connections between the different forms of fatal male violence against women, a homicide review for every sexist murder, an independently run Femicide Observatory funded by the government, where relationships between victim and perpetrator, and social, cultural and psychological issues are analysed.  They want to believe that the government is doing everything it can to end male violence against women and girls, and that it should be recording and commemorating the women killed.

There are a number of channels to take if you have been subjected to male violence or are a relation of someone who has. One option, is to contact solicitors like here at MLS, to gain compensation for the mistreatment endured. Nothing can ever eradicate traumas suffered through violence, however we are here to try and help make a change!

Michael Lewin


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