Man Sets Wife On Fire But States In Iran Man Is Superior To Woman


Ahdieh Yazdanparast was burnt in her salon by husband

After refusing a guilty plea for the murder of his ex-wife Ahdieh, Ahmad Yazdanparast stated that in fact it was her that attacked him, and that the petrol container he was carrying was filled with milk. However, CCTV footage showed him using the same container to get petrol, and his comments about divorce and male superiority also stood in the way of an innocent cry.

The evidence thus far indicates that Yazdanparast went to his ex-wife’s salon after her last customer had left.He had scattered cards with hand written messages on before the attack saying things like “If she was in Iran she was not doing this to me and my children. Game is over.” On entering the salon, he set his ex-wife on fire where she suffered 95 percent burns to the body. Before she died, Ahdieh reportedly told fire-fighters that her husband had done this because he did not want a divorce.

Yazdanparast told the trial that his ex-wife had seen him in the day and blown him a kiss, before mouthing “milk” at him. This, he claimed, was why he was carrying a container full of milk at the time of the accident. He said that she had thrown something at him, after which he felt a burning sensation. However Gary Collie, one of the fire-fighters to arrive at the scene, stated that there was a lighter next to where he had collapsed after escaping the building but also sustaining injuries from the attack.

Yazdanparast also told the trial that in Iran, the man is superior to the woman and that he had authority over her. He said for months in 2012 his ex-wife had not had sex with him, that she was not listening or cooperating because she had become westernised, that she was having an affair, and it was not his decision to get a divorce. All statements that display reasons for an attack.

One of their twin daughters said that her father was using an affair as an excuse, and that her mother was a devoted Muslim women who had her children’s best interests at heart. The prosecutor said it had taken Ahdieh three years to escape her husband, and that he had a previous conviction for attacking her. The court also heard that in 2011 and 2012, the police were contacted over threats that he would kill her and pour acid in her face.

Yazdanparast was declared sane and fit to plead, and denied the murder of his ex-wife. He gave a testimony saying that he acted in self-defence after she assaulted him. However, with all the conflicting evidence against him, the jury found him guilty of the murder of his wife. His sentencing will be later this month.

Michael Lewin


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