Woman Who Cried Wolf Gets Caught


Christina Nelson has been found to be guilty of making a number of false rape claims between 2009 and 2012. Over the three years, she has had five medical rape exams and filed two reports of assault. Prosecutors stated in a court document that she had a “motive or pattern of accusing young men she had dated of raping her and assaulting her.”

Her actions first came to light after being charged with a false rape accusation in 2012. She claimed that she had been raped by an ex-boyfriend who approached her in the parking lot of her workplace, and that he had repeatedly hit her before shoving her in the back of his van and raping her.


Christina Nelson, married mother who made false rape accusations

Afterwards, she said she went to a bar with a friend and later to the gym with her husband. That night following intercourse, she told him about the alleged rape, and he took her for a medical exam at Billings Clinic. However detectives reviewing the case found no evidence to support her claims. The parking lot footage merely showed Nelson walking from her workplace to her car and driving away. They also found out that her ex-boyfriend was out of town on the night of the supposed attack.

Churned up with the accusation, information on a separate incident came to light. This was a rape claim Nelson had made in 2009, stating that she was raped by her date on the way to prom and cut with a knife. However similarly with that case, police had found inconsistencies with her statement and there were also no cuts on her the night of prom. When asked about blood from her injuries, she stated that she had washed it off. One month later she dropped the charges, however the boy in question was expelled from the school and forbidden from campus. He was then forced to move states because he felt his reputation had been tarnished.

The charges made against Nelson were dismissed last July, however last week the state’s supreme court overruled the decision and ordered a reinstatement of the accusations, as they believed there was sufficient evidence to let a jury decide. It is unknown if Nelson is currently in Billing or Germany, as she was allowed to travel out of the country after her trial was dismissed.

Michael Lewin


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