Over 15 Million Working Days Lost To Stress, Depression, and Anxiety


A new report by Capita Employee Benefits has revealed that 79 percent of employees in the North West have suffered from stress at work in the past year, and 47 percent know a colleague who has quit work sue to stress.

The study shows that employers are failing to adequately support their employees and ensure their well-being. One quarter of people who have suffered stress at work, said they had gone to their employer to raise concerns but that nothing had been done to help or prevent the issues dilating further.


Many employees believe management has a duty to help maintain personal health, according to a survey conducted by Capita Employee Benefits. Alistair Dornan, the head of health and risk management stated there was a shocking 15.2 million work days lost as a result of stress, depression and anxiety in 2013, and that employees are clearly not getting the needed support.

To tackle the issue, he believes we must encourage open dialogue about stress between staff and employers, because half the problem is that it is a silent issue, and people just end up taking time off because they can not face work. Employers therefore need to recognise the warning signs, because ultimately the cost of absenteeism and lowered productivity will be more damaging in the long-run.

Michael Lewin


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