Heroin Addicts Kill Man And Live Like Vultures Around His Body


Kirsty Edmondson and Christopher Sawyer

Kirsty Edmondson, 23, and Christopher sawyers, 35, were both involved in the killing of a former history teacher by giving him a fatal dose of heroin. Kenneth Chapman, 47, had recently been released from prison for grooming a child online. He met the pair and began using drugs, whilst seeking call girls for company. Edmondson was a sex-worker, and Chapman had been financially supporting her.

Sawyers, her pimp, was the one who had given Chapman the murderous dose. Witnesses have told police they overheard him saying: “We can’t keep taking him for bits, we need to see him off. This is taking too long, we need to OD him.” After his murder, the pair lived like vultures with his corpse for up to a week, filming themselves having sex on his bed, stealing his TV, computer and money from his bank account, and even texting his sister pretending to be Chapman asking for more money. They also took “selfies” of themselves around the body, one in which Sawyers had commented “I will show you a corpse,” and another stating “I’m a serial killer now.”


Kenneth Chapman killed by lethal heroin dose

The dosage found in Chapman’s body was reportedly the highest injection the doctor had ever come across. Sawyers has now been jailed for life, with a minimum of 33 years. He also faced charges of killing another man before Chapman, which is when he apparently realised there was “money to be made out of murder.”

Edmondson was only sentenced to three years and was cleared of murder, much to the family’s disgust and disappointment. Chapman’s sister told the media about how well he had treated Edmondson, and how she had betrayed him. She also commented upon the negative effects it had had on their family, who were also recently mourning the death of her mother, such as being forced to stop working shifts because she was having trouble sleeping, and her son who had been close to his uncle, having to seek medical attention for depression, on top of taking six weeks off work.

The judge commented upon the case stating that it showed the severity of the effects when taking A class drugs, as the only concern becomes where and how users can get their next fix. Edmondson herself described how drugs change “your life and change your morals… smackheads don’t really have a conscience.”

Criminal injury is a serious offence worthy of prison time. If you have been hurt at the hands of another, contact us now.

Michael Lewin


One thought on “Heroin Addicts Kill Man And Live Like Vultures Around His Body

  1. Anyone who would blame heroin use for this guys sick and depraved actions demonstrates a clear lack of understanding of the drug’s effects and its users. I know dozens of heroin addicts, none of whom would kill a person for a hit, even in the depths of withdraw. It’s completely absurd to say their murders were due to using class A drugs. Clearly these people had much deeper psychological issues. Whether they used heroin or not, this side of him was bound to expose itself one way or the other.

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