Law Student Sues Professor For Bad Grade?








We all know the feeling of getting a bad grade – wishing we had revised more and concentrated harder, maybe even missed that last party and not spent the following day in bed recovering. However former evening student at the Massachusetts School of law, Martin Obemena, has taken a different route. He has decided to file a lawsuit against his professor for giving him a bad grade.

He is claiming for $100,000 in damages for the years he will no longer have in a legal career. He stated that he was not aware that quizzes taking place on Fridays counted towards a final mark, which led to his D grade. However an investigation has concluded that the written syllabus was amended orally, and that his professor had told his students in the first lesson that they would have to partake in quizzes as they contributed to overall marks. The evidence came from a fellow student who had the change written in his notes from the lesson in question.

Odemena was suspended and declared no longer in good standing. This meant he was no longer able to transfer to another school to continue his law degree. A passage from his lawsuit reads:

“Futhermore, since the Defendants cave the Plantiff a not-good-standing letter because of the D grade in the contract law classes, the Plaintiff has suffered harm. Plaintiff could not get into any other law school with a not-good-standing letter, and his legal career is for all practical purposes over.”

The case has been mocked by many, particularly as he was attending an unaccredited law school in the first place, whose employment statistics are allegedly nowhere to be found. They have described him as living in a universe of fantasy if he believes he has a chance of winning the case.

Michael Lewin


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