Want To Burgle A Home? Don’t Forget To Check Out Of Facebook!


Now I’m no criminal, but surely the first and most crucial rule of committing a crime, is to leave no trace. Although I imagine this can be extremely difficult in terms of fingerprints or strands of hair, logging into Facebook during a burglary and leaving your profile logged in seems unquestionably stupid!

Nicholas Wig, a 26 year-old from Minnesota, broke into a home, where during his theft he logged into his social media profile, and yes you guessed it, forgot to log out. Homeowner James Wood could only muster the statement “world’s dumbest criminal” in response to his burglary.

He had come home to find his house ransacked, with all his credit cards, cash and watch stolen. Much to his amazement, the thief had also left behind a pair of Nike tennis shoes, jeans and a belt, that were all wet from rain, along with his logged in Facebook profile. Wood decided to leave a message on his profile stating that Wig had burgled his home, and left his number in case anyone would ring with information.

Much to his surprise, again, it was Wig that contacted him. Wood replied telling him that he left a few belongnigs at his house and questioned how he could get them back to him. Wig agreed to meet him later that evening, under the belief that he would give him back his clothes in exchange for a recycled cell phone he had stolen.

On seeing him, Wood contacted the police who came and arrested Wig. He was wearing Wood’s watch at the time of his arrest, and could now face up to 10 years in prison along with $20,000 in fines if convicted. County Attorney James Backstrom, commented saying that this was an extremely unusual case, and that in terms of stupidity, we may see it on a late night TV show highlighting the world’s dumbest criminals.

Michael Lewin


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