Prison Unavoidable For Rolf Harris

rolf harris

In a jury of six men and six women, Harris has been found guilty of all 12 charges of sexual misconduct. He is to be sentenced this Friday, however has been told that prison is inevitable. The 84-year-old and his family are bracing themselves for the final condemnation.

The multi-millionaire and once beloved star, was described by the prosecution as an arrogant and reckless serial molester, who treated victims as sexual objects to be groped and mauled whenever he felt like it. His reputation has been dragged through the dirt as numerous victims have come forward with allegations against Harris. The NSPCC said they received a total of 28 calls thus far relating to sexual abuse and inappropriate behaviour.

It seems, that Harris targeted fans who were mesmerised by his fame and talents. The court heard evidence from a total of ten women, none of whom knew each other but revealed similar escapades of groping and unwanted contact. Some victims claimed they had been children when these instances occurred.

Harris’s lawyer stated that the standard of proof against Harris was no sufficient. He said that making allegations loudly did not make them true. However despite this, the jury progressed to find him guilty. The claim that cemented the verdict, was that of his daughter’s former best-friend.

Harris admitted to having an affair with her when she was just 18, however she claims that the sexual contact actually started when she was just 13. She described events such as when Harris allegedly touched her under a towel, whilst his wife and daughter were right next to them, and other occasions when he had stroked her body. The reason this evidence was paramount, was because Harris could not deny his association with her, unlike other victims who had come forward with allegations.

The court also saw evidence from numerous counsellors and therapists she had visited for over 15 years as a result of the abuse. All the details and accounts matched, meaning there was no flaws or inconsistencies to her allegations. As the verdict considered all the evidence before them and came to a guilty verdict, it is almost certain that Harris will face prison time.

Michael Lewin


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