Excessive Noise In Your Working Environment?







Those who work within noisy environments like industrial sites are much more susceptible to hearing loss. The top six noisiest jobs are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction, Carpentry and Mining
  • Motorcycle Courtier
  • Entertainment and Nightlife
  • Airport
  • Shooting Range

However now, hearning loss claims have become the most highly rejected, because negligence has to be proven, accompanied by an examination. It is also easier to disprove than any other claim, because hearing loss can be caused by many different external factors. For example: ageing, it can be hereditary, it may be caused by medication or some illnesses, and also recreational noises such as iPods and fireworks.


Insurers are rejecting 9/10 claims, stating they believe the vast majority of claims are fraudulent, but that lawyers are encouraging people to come forward. They also stated that lawyers are now turning to industrial deafness claims to replace whiplash claims as they continue to come in high numbers – claimants now include people from occupations like dinner ladies, leisure centre receptionists and painters.

Andy Hughes, an analyst at Exane BNP Parabis stated that the potential bill for next year onwards will be £300 – 500 million, despite most claims being rejected. On average, $3,000 – £5,000 is awarded for hearing loss caused by work environments.

For a successful claim, claimants need to provide proof that they were working with excessive noise, with examinations and negligence conjoined.

Michael Lewin



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