Man Claims At 20 He Was Forced To Have Sex With Senior Conservatives


Former rent boy David, 59

After seeing an article on a former Tory activist, who was made to find underage rentboys boys for a private sex party, a man known as David has come forward with allegations he was blackmailed into having sex with senior Conservatives. He stated after reading the story he “sobbed uncontrollably…I turned to my wife, who knew nothing of this, and said I part of this. I was raped.”

His struggles began when he fled Northern Ireland to come to London in the 1970’s. He met a man named Kevin, who had asked if he was looking for anything, and David replied food. He stated that looking back he was foolish to go with the man, but that he had been desperate. He was then taken to a pub where he was introduced to a second man Alan, who was a smart businessman and the pair took David to a restaurant.

He was supplied with copious amounts of alcohol and offered a loan. They had been so nice to him, that when they invited him back to a house for more drinks he agreed. He stated that he thinks he was drugged, as he was raped twice but described it as an “out of body experience.”


He was then told that whilst being raped they had taken pictures of him, and that if he did not have sex with their clients, they would send these pictures back to his parents. They also threatened if he did not comply, they knew people who could make sure his parents were involved in an “accident.”

Now 59 years-old, David is a married father-of-four. He said that during his time being forced to have sex, among his clients was Conservative MP Charles Irving, who gave him £30 in return. He also claims that he had to perform sex acts on a Lord, whilst he was driven around London, and was afterwards given a fountain pen in return.

sexHe alleges he was taken to Conservative parties where MP’s were having sex with children as young as 12 to celebrate their first year. He described how when he caught eyes with one boy around the age of 12, he assumed he had been delieverd and when he looked at him “I saw the fear in his eyes. That look will always haunt me.”

One of the most sordid parties he was involved in, he said that he and some other boys were placed in the centre of a room boxed in by large sofas, where they were commanded to undress and have sex with each other. David stated that the scene at these parties were always the same. That there was a “buzz of elation” and the Conservatives felt they were unstoppable.

His health suffered so much, that he was given £50 and allowed to return home because his pimps thought he was dying after collapsing. On returning home, he was diagnosed with acute bronchitis.

He is now considering giving a statement to the Government inquiry into alleged abuse at the heart of Westminster. If you have been involved in any form of criminal injury, contact us now for advice on making a claim.

Michael Lewin


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