Widow Receives £14 billion In Damages From Tobacco Company For Loss of Husband

After the death of her husband to lung cancer, Cynthia Robinson has claimed against RJ Reynolds, for negligence when informing customers about the addictive nature of tobacco. It is America’s second biggest tobacco company, and her lawsuit states that they can not continue to lie to the American government and people about the addictiveness and deadly nature of their cigarettes. Her lawyer also stated that the goal of the lawsuit was to stop tobacco companies targeting young children and young people with their advertising. Below is a preview of one:

Her case is the largest individual case from a class action lawsuit filed in America, being awarded £14 billion in damages. RJ Reynolds plan to appeal, calling the compensation “grossly excessive and impermissible under state and commercial law.” However the US Supreme Court has denied numerous manufacturers appeals amounting to $70 million in compensation.

It is not just manufacturers who argue against compensation for families whose loved one has died as a result of smoking. Much of the general public, including non-smokers, believe that the addiction of smoking is a universal fact, and that this amount of money is ludicrous. However others disagree, and state that many become addicted at a young age because they do not fully understand the consequences this could have.

What do you think, should compensation be awarded, or is it ridiculous to give money for something that can be seen as self-inflicted?

Michael Lewin


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