Man Claims Penis Amputated Without His Permission


After a routine circumcision surgery, Johnny Lee Banks aged 56, awoke to find his entire penis had been amputated. A normal procedure would entail the surgical removal of the foreskin, and as a result he is suing two doctors at Princeton Baptist Medical Centre in Alabama.

The lawsuit claims he never gave permission for either the complete or partial amputation of his penis, and simply woke up to find this has occurred. His attorney stated: “My client is devastated”, and said that Banks was never even provided with a medical explanation as to why it was necessary to amputate. Nor, the lawsuit claims, was he informed this could be a possible result of the procedure.

Banks claims he suffered unnecessary pain and had to spend time in hospital recovering, which cost him more money. His wife is also suing for the loss of consortium, and because she has also suffered financially as a result of her husband’s injuries.

It has not been specified how much Banks, who does not work because of disabilities, is suing for. However, a hospital spokeswoman stated that his claim lacks merit, but that she could not comment any further due to ongoing litigation.

If you have suffered at the hands of medical professionals, contact MLS now.

Michael Lewin


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