Disabled Man Beaten With Sticks By Guards In Thai Prison


William Crook was left brain-damaged and paralysed down one side of his body after a brutal attack 15 years ago. He was on his way home back to England from Thailand, when he lost his plane ticket and a cash machine swallowed his bank card. As a result, he was left starving and penniless on a beach, forced to live out of his suitcase and sleep rough for months.

He decided to go to the police to tell them that his visa had expired and seek help. However instead, he was held in custody around different police stations, and was later held in prison for 30 days alongside murderers and terrorists. Prisoners were made to sleep curled up on the floor, and although he tried to tell guards he was disabled, it made no difference.

He also stated that one friend he made whilst he was held prisoner, had told him who to stay away from because people allegedly died there all the time. On one occasion he said he was being forced to have haircut, however because he didn’t want one as he didn’t like people seeing the scars from his past injury, two guards dragged him outside and beat him with sticks until his head burst open.

Crook believes that the treatment he received was not worthy of overstaying his visa by just 10 days, especially as it was himself who had chosen to go to the police, and inform them about his situation. It was his mum, aged 61, who eventually was able to pay for his flight home, where he was accompanied by a minder for deportation.

He said that he is still struggling to come to terms with his ordeal in Thailand. A Foreign Office spokesman, made a statement assuring they take allegations of mistreatment in detention extremely seriously, and that with the consent of Crook they will raise concerns with relevant authorities to investigate further.

Every form of criminal injury is unacceptable, regardless of circumstances. If you have fallen victim to aggressive or violent behaviour, contact us now.

Michael Lewin


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