Japanese Schoolgirl Admits To Dismembering Classmate


A 16 year-old schoolgirl from Sasebo city in Japan, confessed to murdering her friend by saying “I did it all by myself.” For legal reasons, the suspect remains unidentified as she is a minor.

She allegedly attacked her friend using a blunt metal instrument with repeated blows to the head, before strangling her and dismembering her body. She severed the girl’s left hand, and then left the body on her bed, according to the Kyodo news agency. This is where police found the girl, whose parents had reported her missing when she left on a Saturday afternoon to meet friends, but failed to return home that evening. They reported the victim’s clothes were not stained with blood, so must have therefore had her initial clothes changed.

The suspect reportedly lived away from her parents, and now remains in custody. Investigative sources have stated the girl: explained the murder by saying she wanted to kill someone, said she bought the saw and hammer herself (which police confiscated at the scene of the crime), and also hinted at the desire to decapitate someone.

Police have been told the suspect has a history of behavioural problems, such as tampering with school lunches in elementary school, and that she had been found dissecting a small animal.

The principal of the girls’ high school, stated “I feel so sad and frustrated… We have kept calling attention to the value of life, but the message has not been delivered.”

The murder is not the first to occur in the city, and comes ten years after a primary schoolgirl stabbed her classmate to death.

Michael Lewin


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