Nurse Fired For Complaints About Hospital Care


As a code of conduct, all employees expect to be protected if they file an official complaint. However, nurse Jean Haydr, 48 from Droysden, stated she was fired after raising concerns about patient care at Tameside General Hospital, previously deemed ‘inadequate’ by watchdog.

The tribunal heard she had been let go on the grounds of inappropriate behaviour, which included making threatening remarks and apologizing on behalf of the trust. However, after working there for 12 years, the mum of two argued this was certainly not the case, and that she had also been dismissed whilst off sick recovering from an operation. Haydr maintains her dismissal came as a result of countless complaints made about patient care.


She told business development manager Sarah Bradbury, “When I put in allegations about patient care you made absolutely no effort to investigate.” She also said they had chosen to gather information about her behaviour, by interviewing staff who were not her biggest fans and only had negative things to say.

Allegedly, one Accident and Emergency nurse would go out of her way to avoid Haydr because of a personal dispute, which lead to serious patient negligence on several occasions. This reportedly included a 16 year-old girl who had taken a paracetamol overdose being left without sufficient medical care, and a dehydrated and lethargic 10-month-old baby being left without qualified professionals, and no staff at the resuscitation area.

Haydr continued that the only reason she had been fired was to ensure that she could not obtain the information she needed to defend herself against the allegations made against her. However Bradbury, who was also responsible for preparing the disciplinary case, stated this was not the case. She said she strongly believed Jean was not fired for putting the hospital’s reputation at risk through complaints, and that her six month probe was as thorough as possible.

Michael Lewin


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