Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

We always hear horror stories about plastic surgery going wrong, and the irreversible deformities victims can be left with. Below are four examples of victims who suffered from botched surgery:

plastic surgery






Alicia Jenkins decided to get implants after giving birth to her son. However, she was given two breasts that were so big, they merged together as one to form a ‘uniboob.’

plastic surgery






After a car accident, Michelle  had a nose job in order to reverse the damage. However, her nose collapsed which led her to her next six nose jobs in order to attempt fixing the botched surgery.

plastic surgery






Renee Talley opted for bum implants in order to help her on her way to the ‘perfect buttox.’ However, the implants were visible, and could be turned over by hand whilst INSIDE her bum!

plastic surgery






Desiree White visited a doctor in Tijuana for a tummy tuck. Instead of using anesthesia for the patient, they used two blocks of ice. Skin was also lost between the belly button and the vagina, which led to her vagina being pulled up to her stomach near her belly button.

If you have fallen victim to botched surgery, and believe it came as a result of medical negligence, contact MLS now to claim the compensation you deserve!

Michael Lewin



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