Life-Threatening Online Plastic Surgery Products

Many women have started buying cheap silicone injections online for their faces and bums. However not all products are safe for consumerism, and many have actually been found to be injecting cement, olive oil, super-glue and other harmful substances.

Apryl Brown, 47, was told she had just 24 hours to live as a result of her DIY surgery. She underwent 27 operations and had to have her feet and hands amputated in order to save her life. This was because the silicone injections she had used were infected – something they have failed to mention on the packet. She developed Necrosis, the death of body tissue, which made her limbs begin curling and turning inwards. Apryl said that the only thing she could think about near-death, was that she wanted the pain to end.

plastic surgery

Many surgeons have reported there has been an increase in patients seeking surgery for home-kit facial filler injections, after injecting themselves with ingredients they know nothing about. Surgeons are urging patients to be aware that just because a product can be bought, does not mean they are safe, or even legal for that matter. No FDA-approved dermal filler has been approved for self-injection, and people to remember the process they are undertaking is in fact, a medical procedure.

Natalie Johnson was another woman to opt for a cheaper alternative with a backstreet procedure. She met a man whilst working as an exotic dancer claiming to be a doctor, who offered her a bum enhancement procedure at the faction of the price in comparison to a registered surgeon.

plastic surgery

She stated this ‘doctor’ turned up to her house looking professional in white scrubs, and injected her with a substance using a plastic syringe. She reported that at first the results seemed good. Her bum would firmer and rounder, therefore she continued with a couple more sessions. However that was when things took a turn for the worse. She began getting extremely sick, and noticed her bum had begun to disintegrate and wrinkle. On one occasion she was even taken to hospital after she stopped breathing. As it turned out, the man had been injecting women with cement and tyre sealant.

The increase of fake doctors is on the rise, particularly in Florida, New York, California and Texas, and plastric surgery injections are also rapidly becoming easily available online. In many cases, symptoms can take years to appear. If you believe you have fallen victim to any form of product liability, or have been subjected to harm at the hands of another, contact us now for advice.

Michael Lewin


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