New Spray To Speed Up Detection Of Body Fluids In Rape Cases


A new spray invented by the Met and London University scientists, will speed up police investigations into rape and other offences. How? It will make it easier to detect bodily fluids like semen, blood and saliva.

The spray will contain “biosensor” detection molecules, which will turn different colours after coming into contact with bodily fluids. A Met document revealed the spray is currently being developed by the force, with scientists, at King’s College, and will enable the identification of “trace amounts of body fluids not visible using existing white light searching techniques.”

Overall, the spray will reduce the amount of time it currently takes to identify bodily fluids by half. Mike Penning, the Home Office Policing Minister, stated that the Met and King’s College are on the verge of a “major technological breakthrough,” which could help to solve crimes and secure justice for victims. The research will be funded by an £113,000 grant from Home Office’s police innovation fund.

If you have been victimised by rape or any other form of criminal injury from a scuffle to assault, contact us now for advice.

Michael Lewin



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