Abuse Claims At Boys’ Home Hindered By MI5 And Lack Of Funding


Belfast boys’ home Kincora, has been at the heart of a local investigation into historic child abuse. The result saw three men sentenced to four, five and six years – argued by many as a lenient punishment, after they routinely abused boys for more than a decade. Afterwards, allegations began to stir that a deal was reached, as the accused changed their plea to guilty in return for shorter time.

However, a new testimony given by Brian Gemmell, a former intelligence officer, could potentially change the lack of sufficient action. He stated that his boss at MI5 (a British intelligence agency working to protect the UK’s national security), had made him cut short the attempts to investigate what was happening at Kincora boys’ home. He stated: “He told me not just to stop any investigation into Kincora, but to drop Royal Flush [an agent he was running].”

Further allegations against security service MI5 and the police, have stated that they were filming and photographing the abuse because they were hoping to blackmail senior politicians in Northern Ireland. Kev Livingstone, former London Mayor confirmed these claims, stating: “They were hoping to catch one of Ian Paisley’s MP’s – and they never did – and give themselves some leverage. The truth is there’s been an awful lot of covering up of paedophiles and paedophile rings for decades and decades.”

MI5Sir Anthony Hart, a retired judge in charge of conducting the current investigation into historic child abuse at institutions, stated for probing to reach the truth, Westminster had to get involved. He said that alone he lacks the authority, however with the help and power of Westminster, the case could be settled. He also suggested that if the investigation were to stay local, it would make a lot of people extremely happy, and that many people in Northern Ireland will now be “shaking in their boots.”

Clint Massey, now 57, was one of the residents at the home. He stated that on his first day, William McGrath asked him what he wanted for breakfast and then put his hands down his pyjamas. From then on, he was abused several times a week and often raped.

When describing the home, he said that no one ever spoke about sex and he could not be certain who else was abused. However, he did say that numerous men used to arrive in the evening dressed in suits, who he assumed were senior figures from Whitehall. As “these people were highly respected members of the community,” Massey had never had the courage to come forward about his abuse.


Just over a fortnight ago, Massey self-harmed in frustration as the investigation was reportedly closing due to a lack of funding. He has also taken several overdoses, laid down in front of a train, and goes on day-long drinking binges as a result of his abuse. He stated: “I look at couples with children and I think that should have been me.” Unfortunately none of his relationship have worked out, because he finds it hard to trust anyone after what he endured as a child. Instead, he claims he does his best to be a great uncle. All his allegations are specific to his own experiences with William McGrath, however as mentioned before, he has also made references to men arriving at night.

There have been many suggestions that Kincora was closely monitored by security services, and that if these suspicions are true, then justice has not been reached, because other facilitators are being protected. For example, Tara, an apocalyptic anti-Catholic group founded by McGrath, has never been interviewed by any previous official inquiries.

Michael Lewin


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