Easier For Employers To Get Away With Inappropriate Behaviour?


You have been harassed/bullied/underpaid. You have been discriminated against because of your sex/gender. What do you do?

Well for many, the normal route of an employment tribunal is no longer an option. Due to legal fees introduced by the coalition in July last year, many can no longer afford to take their cases to court, or find the cost is more than the amount they are attempting to recover, according to the TUC (Trades Union Congress). In other terms, their channel of justice has been swept away, much to the elation of many employers, who are now free to act however they wish, with no repercussions.

Many believe this new legislation has eradicated workers’ basic rights and does not account for the vulnerable. The Ministry of Justice released official statistics, which has highlighted a 79 percent drop in claims, particularly by women. This raises concern in itself, because the gender pay gap widened for the first time in five years last year, with women in full-time work earning 15.7 percent less per hour than men.

Pregnancy claims have also decreased by one quarter, with only 3 percent of women now seeking compensation after losing their jobs. Where is the justice for women in that?

Those who are claiming for bullying/harassment or have been sacked as a result of their gender, now have to pay £1,200 in order to take their cases to court. If they are attempting to recover unpaid wages or holiday pay, they are obligated to pay a fee of up to £390. Many criticise the movement, saying that employers now have little threat to follow regulations.

Michael Lewin


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