Father Of Two Dies Saving Family From Fire Caused By Faulty Fridge

faulty fridge

Yet another faulty switch manufactured for consumption has been the cause of death. Father of two, Santosh Benjamin-Muthiah, was just 36 years-old when he awoke with his wife and child to a room filled with smoke.

His wife Jennifer, said: “I woke up and I remember coughing. I remember Santosh coughing. I told him to get out and get the children. I was shouting. I said he should go last so he could pass me out.”

faulty fridgeSantosh reportedly passed his three month-old baby out to his neighbour to safety, and his other daughter Anna, 3, escaped onto the roof of their home. However, Santosh was unable to climb out the first floor window, because his feet were getting caught on the window sill. Firefighters later found him slumped by the basin in the bathroom. He died as a result of a lack of oxygen to the brain after inhaling the fumes.

The Beko fridge/freezer model had a history of fire risk, and the Fire Brigade had allegedly sent numerous letters to the company warning them about their product. Santosh’s wife said the fridge had been playing up recently, and that she had planned to call up the company. However, she was on maternity leave and was busy with the children. She stated that if she had known it was an urgent issue, she would have acted sooner. She also said that if the product had been recalled she would have removed the fridge.

The court heard the fire was caused by a malfunction on the defrost switch. Beko has now recalled the product, however there remains no conclusive reason for the timer failure, and they stated that the failure can only be found in a relatively small number of products.

Faulty switches in products have caused numerous deaths globally. If you believe you have a harmful product, check recall lists or remove the product from your home. If you have been harmed due to product liability, contact us now.

Michael Lewin


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