Missionary Claims Demon Made Him Rape Children


After confessing to the abuse of ten children in Kenya between the ages four and ten, whilst volunteering at a children’s home, Matthew Lane Durham also confessed to being possessed by a demon whom he had named Luke. He believed that it was the demon who had made him commit these crimes against children at the home, one of which had HIV.

His beliefs were backed up by text messages shown in court documents to his friend, talking about his alter-ego controlling his actions. They read: “Literally he takes me at night and there is nothing I can do to stop him…. I’ve prayed so much, but every night Luke gets what Luke wants.”

He has now confessed to all crimes in writing, on video, and has admitted to a life-long struffle of trying to control his desires to touch children.  He now faces life in prison, with charges of engaging in illegal sexual conduct in foreign places, aggravated sexual abuse with children and more.


The indictment alleges that he planned to travel from Oklahoma (his home town) to Kenya, specifically to engage in sexual activities with children. The Upendo Children’s Home near Nairobi where he stayed, was founded on the pledge to help provide food, housing, clothes and academic and religious instruction to children in need.

In one of his confessions, Durham wrote: “I took her to the bathroom and forced her to have sex with me. This has happened on more than one occasion.” However, despite this his parents refuse to believe the allegations. Durham’s attorney, Stephen Jones, also believes his confessions are false, and stated he thinks they are a result of some sort of pseudo-tribal psychological voodoo. He also claimed that his confessions were coerced by orphanage officials, who kept him in isolation and confiscated his passport.


The judge has now agreed to release Durham to his family’s home in Edmond with a bond of $10,000, despite prosecutors plea to keep him detained, calling him a danger to society and referring to the possibility of him fleeing. However, his father has been named custodian, and has taken leave from work to care for his son. Duhram has been made to surrender his passport, refrain from using cellphones and computers, and avoid contact with children, witnesses or alleged victims.

Michael Lewin


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